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Running horse picture Sioux Center, IA since 1985

Wednesday Stories of Impact- Sioux Center, IA

The community of Sioux Center is like one giant family. When they have a member struggling, they all rally together and support that member. This was evident on August 13, 2018 when the Sioux Center community gathered at the local Pizza Ranch​ for a Community Impact Night to show their support for Roger and Diane Koele as Roger begins his battle against ALS.

Kids with backpacks on first day of school

Monday Mission- Back to School Prayers

We have school on our minds as we gather supplies and pack backpacks in preparation for the first day of a new year approaching for my kids. There’s a mix of nerves and excitement as the “big day” draws closer. Maybe you’re feeling some of these same things?

Road sign that says Submit

Friday Devotional- Submit

Every so often we come across something in life that gets us thinking deeper. This past week I had this happen to me. I heard a verse that I've read and heard about thousands of times, but for whatever reason it stuck with me. It made me want to look it up to see if I could understand it better.

Thursday Video

Thursday Video- A Walk Down Memory Lane

​Around a year ago I found an old box of cassette tapes. It took me time to find a cassette player that worked, but when I did I first listened to some of my old 1980's music like The Out field, Bon Jovi, Cinderella, etc. And then a couple of weeks ago, I came across some tapes from Promise Keepers events from the 1990s. Wow!