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Monday Mission - Start Small

We are almost through the first month of the 2024 calendar. Many people set goals for the year, or decided on January 1st they…

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Dressing for Battle

Being in the heart of the Midwest (& surviving last week) none of us are strangers to extremely cold temperatures. Last week I watched as my husband bundled up in countless layers of clothing to take our dog on a 40-minute walk. It got me thinking about how diligent we are in dressing to protect against extreme weather, but do we have the same diligence in our spiritual health & climate?

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Tuesday Truths - Your Priceless Inheritance

The Bible talks of a different kind of inheritance. One that is given to us when we pass away. An inheritance that is priceless and unchanging. We'll leave behind our earthly possessions, and instead receive a priceless inheritance that awaits us in our heavenly home.

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Monday Mission - Be Silent, Be Still, Be Calm

This story in Exodus is about God rescuing the Israelites from the Egyptians. If you have a few minutes, read the entire chapter. Different translations word this verse differently. Notice the word at the end of each verse. Silent. Calm. Still.