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Monday Mission - Start Small

We are almost through the first month of the 2024 calendar. Many people set goals for the year, or decided on January 1st they…

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Dressing for Battle

Being in the heart of the Midwest (& surviving last week) none of us are strangers to extremely cold temperatures. Last week I watched as my husband bundled up in countless layers of clothing to take our dog on a 40-minute walk. It got me thinking about how diligent we are in dressing to protect against extreme weather, but do we have the same diligence in our spiritual health & climate?

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Tuesday Truths - Your Priceless Inheritance

The Bible talks of a different kind of inheritance. One that is given to us when we pass away. An inheritance that is priceless and unchanging. We'll leave behind our earthly possessions, and instead receive a priceless inheritance that awaits us in our heavenly home.

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Monday Mission - Be Silent, Be Still, Be Calm

This story in Exodus is about God rescuing the Israelites from the Egyptians. If you have a few minutes, read the entire chapter. Different translations word this verse differently. Notice the word at the end of each verse. Silent. Calm. Still.

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Friday Devotional - Following Jesus

In today’s culture, what does following someone mean? Who are you following? In the age of smartphones, Facebook, Instagram, etc. we “follow” so many people. Who we follow likely ranges from our closest friends or relatives to people we don’t even know. Is how we follow Jesus different?

Thursday Thought - Light of the World

There are many reasons why I’m thankful that I wasn’t born 100+ years ago: I like air-conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. Despite my best efforts, I’m a terrible gardener (maybe this summer will be the year!). Cooking is fun for me, but not when I must make 3 meals every day until I die.

Wednesday Story of Impact - La Crosse Blessing Bags

On the evening December 24th when most of the community was busy making dinner, going to Church Service and enjoying family time. Tristen and her Ranch Hands at La Crosse spent the night creating "blessing bags." These bags used funds set aside for holiday party as well as donations from Ranch Hands themselves.